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Grantmakers commonly invest time developing and strengthening relationships with their grantees and community-based partners in their fields of interest.

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What are you eating for dinner?

Maybe you’ve been too busy to get to the store this week, or you don’t feel like cooking and there are so many restaurants to choose from.

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Last month, I was fortunate enough to attend the first of a four-part Redefining Capital series hosted by the Federal Reserve of Richmond/Baltimore Branch and a number of community partners — including, proudly, the Maryland Philanthropy Network.

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It’s been some time since nonprofits have had something to cheer about. They have been hit hard by proverbial one-two punches.

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As a membership organization of foundations and corporate giving programs, the Maryland Philanthropy Network has had a longstanding interest in increasing the funding community's capacity to support and use data to inform decision making.

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Nationally, 22 percent of all foundation grants invest in quality private and public education, which makes education second only to health as a grantmaking area.