Strengthening Our Fiscal Hosting Ecosystem

Strengthening Our Fiscal Hosting Ecosystem

Wednesday, September 30, 2020, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Please join Maryland Philanthropy Network for the first in a series of conversations focused on strengthening our Baltimore and Maryland fiscal hosting ecosystem.  This introductory 90-minute session will provide a snapshot of the current status of the ecosystem and most importantly, lay groundwork for traveling the road ahead in a spirit of collaboration, equity, and systems change.

Fiscal hosting is a contractual financial relationship between an organization lending its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status to an individual or project. Fiscal Hosting can serve to remove barriers for unincorporated grassroots organizations enabling access to private philanthropic investment and shared cost-effective administrative support. We are learning in real time that Maryland’s current fiscal hosting ecosystem is overtaxed and challenged. As it stands today this system - vital to a healthy and equitable nonprofit sector – needs organization and resources.

Access to stable, transparent fiscal hosting options is a racial equity issue. Black-led and black-serving organizations and fledging projects have been historically underfunded by our financial and philanthropic communities. This systemic underfunding has prevented many groups from achieving incorporated status and from pursuing public and private grant opportunities. The value proposition for strengthening Maryland's Fiscal Ecosystem is clear. It is time to embark on shaping an ecosystem strategy that addresses current fiscal hosting challenges, inspires collaboration between Project Leads, Fiscal Hosts and Funders, applies systems thinking, aligns stakeholder priorities, and clarifies the roles in the ecosystem. 

Over the next 6-months, Maryland Philanthropy Network will support convenings of Project Leaders, Fiscal Hosts, and Funders - together for the first time - to address current fiscal hosting landscape challenges, inspire collaboration and systems thinking, align priorities and clarify roles. The Strengthening Our Fiscal Hosting Ecosystem conversation series is facilitated by our colleague and Network Weaver Jessica Solomon.

This conversation is open to all Maryland Philanthropy Network members and invited partners.


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