Grant Writing

Grant Proposal and Report Formats

Maryland Philanthropy Network recognizes the potential burden of application and reporting practices on both grantseekers and grantmakers. Nonprofit organizations devote significant time to researching and writing grant proposals and reports, and grantmakers expend significant (often volunteer) time managing grants and evaluating how to best make a difference.

In pursuit of our mission to maximize the impact of philanthropic giving, help our members develop grant processes that meet their information needs and acknowledge the efficient practices of Project Streamline (now part of the Principles of PEAK Grantmaking), we offer these free (or low cost) resources to identify funding opportunities and to write high-quality grant proposals. 

NOTE: Prior to submitting a grant proposal, determine whether your organization meets a grantmaker’s guidelines and funding priorities; check if the grantmaker accepts unsolicited proposals; review the most current information on their website (if available) about the grant application and reporting requirements; and contact them if you have questions. Many grantmakers request prior contact or a Letter of Inquiry before reviewing a full proposal.

Additional Resources

Local Organizations
Foundation Grant Research
Books on Grant Writing

Trends in grant practice and web-based applications led Maryland Philanthropy Network to discontinue the Common Grant and Reporting Formats in 2014. The grant proposal and report formats provided above were developed by a Grant Format Revision Task Force (2013-2014) comprised of Maryland Philanthropy Network members, AFP-Maryland, Maryland Nonprofits, and nonprofit professionals. Additionally, Maryland Philanthropy Network conducted interviews with grantmakers and small-staffed nonprofit organizations. 

The grant proposal format we now offer as a resource above is not a "common grant,” a single proposal for a community of funders. The primary purpose of the new grant proposal format is to provide free education on how to write a high-quality proposal. Some grantmakers continue to direct nonprofit applicants to the new grant proposal format and Maryland Philanthropy Network works with its members to develop their grant process with this format as a model.

If a foundation requests that you use the "Maryland Philanthropy Network Common Grant Format," please contact our office at 410-727-1205 or to verify your needs and receive the discontinued document.