Services & Consulting

Maryland Philanthropy Network provides services and consulting expertise to meet the needs of our members as part of their membership benefit.  We also provide discounted consulting services to our members seeking intensive-special purpose consulting engagements and customized trainings, and for-fee services to non-members, using our experienced staff and consulting team.

For Members
  • Peer-to-peer connections and resources
  • Online searchable Colleague Directory
  • One-on-one consultations with Maryland Philanthropy Network Staff on any topic of concern to members
  • In-depth knowledge of the Maryland funder landscape
  • Access to searchable resources from regional associations across the nation
  • Access to regional and national partner expertise
  • Fiscal Hosting of member-driven project
  • Consultant and vendor recommendations
  • Salary Survey
  • Job Listings
  • Use of Maryland Philanthropy Network facilities
  • Clearinghouse for non-Maryland Philanthropy Network special events of interest to, or initiated by, our members including member sponsored briefings focused on single issues or funding opportunities
  • Customized grantmaker training for grantmaking staff
  • Customized training for your grantseekers
For Member-Eligible Grantmaking Organizations
  • For-fee access to special programming and workshops
  • Consulting engagements tailored to support your grantmaking processes and effectiveness
For Wealth Advisors
  • Individual donor consults
  • Customized donor group briefings
For Grantseekers
  • Online searchable Maryland Philanthropy Network Member Directory
  • Online grantwriting guidance and resources
  • Low and no-cost networking events, programming, and workshops focused on grantseeker skill-building and issue engagement

For more information on these and other services offered by Maryland Philanthropy Network, please contact us