Advancing Equity

We value racial equity as an organizational operating principle and are committed to continued learning on issues related to race, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

To make that value commitment real we must acknowledge the deep-seated structural and racial inequities in our communities and across our country and our role in perpetuating negative narratives and structures that help sustain these inequities.  Maryland Philanthropy Network has elevated its efforts to deepen our community's understanding of racism and the actions we can take individually and collectively to recognize and disrupt bias, challenge our own norms and practices and support other organizations in doing the same.

As an organization, we continue to examine our business practices including hiring, purchasing, and who we engage as experts to inform our community of funders.  We share our successes and acknowledge where we fall short. This organizational assessment of our work is not a process with an end, but an ongoing commitment to our community, our members and our own talented staff.

Racial equity is a state in which one's life outcomes cannot be predicted by race or ethnicity.  We feel it's important to define what we mean by equity as the basis for a common language that supports our entire community in normalizing essential conversations, building understanding and relationships, and ultimately taking actions together to undo racism.

Click here for resources about Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Grantmaking.

Vendor Spending

It is often said and well-remembered, that your budget states your values.

The bulk of Maryland Philanthropy Network’s annual budget is invested in its staff and consulting staff to support a network of informed and coordinated grantmakers across Maryland.

External spend categories, however, offer an opportunity for Maryland Philanthropy Network to demonstrate its commitment to advancing equity and to investment in Baltimore. We believe that directing our funds in support of local and diverse-owned businesses, increases hiring opportunities for diverse communities, supports social causes, and is good for our local economy.  Our diverse business relationships have expanded our network and our ability to access high-quality vendors and strong diverse employment candidates. 

For more information on how every business can spend to advance equity please contact us.