Become A Member
Row of MPN Member Sitting in the Audience of our 2020 Annual Meeting Presentation

Maryland Philanthropy Network welcomes new members each year and we are eager to include you in our network!

We are the region’s premier resource on philanthropic practice and strive to maximize the impact of your giving on community life through a growing network of diverse, informed, and effective philanthropists. Our members come together because they believe their individual giving can be leveraged for greater impact through learning, alignment, and collaborative action with other funders and partners across sectors and communities.

Visit our About Membership page to learn more about member benefits and services.

Organizations and Donor Advised Funds meeting the following criteria may be eligible for membership:

  1. Grantmaking is a significant part of the organization's activities, with grants awarded making up at least 50% of the organization's total annual expenditures. (For corporate giving programs, the term "organization" refers to the corporate giving unit, not the entire corporation.)
  2. The organization accepts applications, within its funding priorities, from the general public and does not restrict its giving solely to subsidiary chapters, member organizations, affiliates, or a single institution.

  3. The organization's source of funding is predominantly private rather than governmental (or meets criteria 4). 

  4. The organization acts as a grantmaking intermediary. Grantmaking intermediary refers to a government entity, nonprofit organization, initiative, or collaborative that grants or re-grants, private and/or public dollars.

  5. Membership by an organization that includes federated funds shall be an institutional membership, not representation for support foundations and philanthropic funds (e.g. community foundations).

If you meet the above criteria, contact us to begin your member application.