About Membership

We are a statewide membership association representing around 120 private and community foundations, intermediaries, corporations, donor advised funds, and public charities.  Together we steward more than $9 billion in charitable assets and convene as funders and with partners to promote alignment and action around issues affecting communities across Maryland. 

Maryland Philanthropy Network provides the organizing infrastructure to:

  • Convene funders and partners to promote alignment and action around issues affecting communities across Maryland.
  • Educate and support members with critical information and services to educate, inspire action and inform investment.
  • Connect members to philanthropic peers, bringing them together to leverage their individual giving for greater impact.
  • Identify emerging issues and develop shared agendas to build stronger communities.
  • Extend the capacity of our members – informing grantmaking practice, making peer connections and providing technical assistance to answer questions and meet unique needs.
  • Work to tackle Maryland’s most pressing problems, positively changing the lives of the people in our community through partnership with government, business and nonprofit decision makers.
  • Represent and connect the philanthropic sector to key audiences, including the media, national organizations, policymakers and the general public.
  • Act as a go-to resource on local, state and federal policy issues that promote effective philanthropy and strengthen communities.
  • Advocate in member issue areas to inform policymakers and leaders across the State.
  • Engage the nonprofit sector, providing targeted programs and workshops that strengthen the connection between philanthropy, nonprofits and social sector innovators.
  • Deliver consulting expertise and services ensuring the technical assistance needs of our members are met as part of their membership benefit.