Both locally and across the country intentional collaborations among funders increase the impact of philanthropy by connecting the knowledge and expertise of diverse funders with a wide range of funding interests.

Our own community of funders represent distinct types of philanthropy with unique issues that impact their grantmaking and member roundtables provide an opportunity to connect with peers in similar philanthropic entities and discuss the unique issues they face in their grantmaking practice.

The purpose of each roundtable can vary, and evolve over time in response to emerging community issues, new members or partners and new opportunities or challenges. Roundtable members are connected through special communications and listservs as well as events and programming. Supported and organized by Maryland Philanthropy Network staff and consultants, convening and programming, is designed to engage and support all members at any staffing level. Roundtables set a flexible learning and action agenda each year.

All Member Roundtables share some common purposes and benefits including:

  • Participation in a peer forum to share information and ideas
  • Education on issues and best practices to meet the needs of all member types
  • Opportunities to meet and learn from experts
  • Opportunities to engage policymakers in relevant issue areas
  • Opportunities to engage other funders in cross-sector issue based conversations
  • Connection to community and nonprofit leadership and perspective 
  • Responsiveness to critical situations, opportunities or challenges
  • Outreach to prospective members to broaden opportunities for collaboration and impact
  • Professional and leadership development
  • Exploration and support for collaborative action and investment

Member roundtables are led by members and supported by Maryland Philanthropy Network staff or consultants.