Resources and Events for Grantseekers

Maryland Philanthropy Network strategically prioritizes engagement with the nonprofit sector as our primary partners in achieving impact in the communities we seek to serve. We partner with Maryland Nonprofits in a number of ways to support and build capacity, knowledge and best practices around resource development and funder relationships. To learn more about membership with Maryland Nonprofits, click here

While many of our Maryland Philanthropy Network members routinely invite one on one meetings with grantseekers, Maryland Philanthropy Network plays a role in multiplying that access by offering larger venue opportunities for learning and engagement together with foundation members and issue experts.

Our members and staff invest time and resources in curating quality learning and engagement opportunities for grantseekers, and we work with Maryland Nonprofits, community leaders and public sector partners to include nonprofits and social innovators and address issues specific to organizational size, structure and level of experience.

Please contact Elisabeth Hyleck, our Director of Learning and Partnership, to suggest topics of interest for our grantseeker programming. 

Our offerings have included:
  • Social Sector Networking Events are an opportunity for funders, community leaders and grantseekers to come together in both casual and more structured settings to network, be inspired by a great speaker, or both.  Most of these events are offered at no, or very low cost, to registrants.
  • Grantseeker Panel Discussions are typically focused on a current topic or general issue area and designed to offer both professional development and networking opportunities. Generally under two hours, these discussions are designed to meet the needs of individuals and organizations at any level of experience and allow time for questions and exchange between attendees and panelists. Topics range from new tax law impacts, to grant stewardship to panels of funders sharing priorities, strategies and decision-making processes in their grantmaking issue areas.
  • Grantseeker Webinars are designed to give grantseekers an introduction to grantseeking and the philanthropic landscape, are typically one hour long and offered a number of times throughout the year. These and other webinar topics are curated by our experienced Maryland Philanthropy Network staff and can also feature the expertise of regional and national partners.
  • Grantseeker Workshops are opportunities for deeper dives into topics and skill-building critical to successful grantseeking and organizational capacity building. Generally more than two hours, these interactive workshops offer networking, professional development and opportunities to learn from peers and grantmaking professionals. Topics range from grant writing to budget development and beyond.
  • Coming Soon! Maryland Philanthropy Network Member Directory Online will be a searchable online tool designed to increase your access and understanding of organized philanthropy in Maryland. We are excited about this updated offering which will allow us to continuously update our member profiles and ensure you know the landscape of our membership, their general funding areas, and information regarding how they engage with grantseekers and accept proposals. Access to our searchable online directory will be available via annual subscriptions in the coming months.