Transportation: Healthy Communities, Accessible Jobs

Transportation: Healthy Communities, Accessible Jobs

Tuesday, December 11, 2018, 9:30 - 11:30 AM

Transportation plays a vital role in producing healthy environments and developing equitable communities. Improper transportation strategies have the power to limit access to beneficial resources, job opportunities, educational opportunities, and contribute to environmental pollution.  

Maryland has experienced challenges in pursuing transportation opportunities that promote equity in social development, a more interconnected state, and reduce environmental degradation and health adversities. Communities across Maryland site the socio-economic disparities concerning reliability, or availability, of public transit options across communities, lack of innovative technologies to reduce transportation contributions to greenhouse gas emissions, and others as major transportation-related issues facing the state. Transportation advocates have been working to address these issues and shift public policy to support safe, reliable, economical, and environmentally conscious transportation solutions for all Maryland communities.       

Please join the Green Funder and Workforce Development Funders Affinity Groups for a program highlighting the current transportation landscape in Central Maryland. This crosscutting session will cover the various policies, innovations, and activism related to transportation across the state and in the Baltimore Metro region. Additionally, the impacts of transportation on health, the environment, and access to jobs will be discussed to promote solutions that advance equity for communities in Maryland. 

Our speakers will be:

  • Brooke Lierman, Delegate, Baltimore 46th District
  • Liz Cornish, Executive Director, BikeMore
  • Samuel Jordan, President, Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition
  • Josh Tulkin, Director, Maryland Sierra Club
  • Brian O’Malley, President & CEO, Central Maryland Transportation Alliance
  • Marceline White, Executive Director, Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition
  • Chris Firehock, Executive Director, Center for Mobility Equity
  • Michael Kelly, Executive Director, Baltimore Metropolitan Council  

This program is for Maryland Philanthropy Network members and invited guests only.