Demystifying Trust-Based Philanthropy Session #6: What Does Trust-Based Philanthropy Have to Do with Racial Equity?

Demystifying Trust-Based Philanthropy Session #6: What Does Trust-Based Philanthropy Have to Do with Racial Equity?

Wednesday, August 02, 2023, 3:00 - 5:00 PM

Join Maryland Philanthropy Network and the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project for a 6-part webinar series focused on addressing common questions, clarifying misconceptions, and exploring ways to overcome obstacles in implementing trust-based philanthropy.

Trust-based philanthropy is a philosophy and approach rooted in values of relationship-building, mutual learning, and systemic equity – with a vision of advancing a healthier and more impactful nonprofit sector.

At its core, trust-based philanthropy begins with understanding power -- and acknowledging how race and ethnicity shape our lived experiences and our relationship to power, and therefore perceptions of who is deemed trustworthy and who is not. Therefore, trust-based philanthropy requires a racial equity lens – and can be an effective way to advance racial equity goals – but it is not necessarily a means to advancing racial equity in and of itself.

This last session, #6, will explore the connection and distinction between the two, and why both should be prioritized for trust-based funders. Participants will gain a deeper knowledge on why and how to explicitly prioritize racial equity in your trust-based practices and values.

There will also be a dedicated space for small-group peer dialogue with other MPN members about ways to implement these practices into your grantmaking.


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Who should attend: Anyone in a grantmaking role that is curious about understanding the nuances of trust-based philanthropy and how it applies to your work. This series will be ideal for those who have some baseline familiarity with trust-based philanthropy and have questions about how it manifests in practice. 

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This program is held in partnership with the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project, a five-year initiative (2020-2024) that provides funders and grantmaking practitioners with the tools, frameworks, and community spaces to deepen their work of creating a more equitable and impactful philanthropic sector.

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