Demystifying Trust-Based Philanthropy Session #1: Does Trust-Based Mean Unconditional Trust?

Demystifying Trust-Based Philanthropy Session #1: Does Trust-Based Mean Unconditional Trust?

Wednesday, April 19, 2023, 3:00 - 5:00 PM

Join Maryland Philanthropy Network and the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project for a 6-part webinar series focused on addressing common questions, clarifying misconceptions, and exploring ways to overcome obstacles in implementing trust-based philanthropy.

Trust-based philanthropy is a philosophy and approach rooted in values of relationship-building, mutual learning, and systemic equity – with a vision of advancing a healthier and more impactful nonprofit sector.

In Session #1, we will clarify the misperception that trust-based philanthropy means unconditional trust and dig into the nuances of why trust is an important vehicle for more equitable funder-grantee relationships. Speakers will share how they have cultivated (and maintained) trust, how they model and reinforce mutual accountability in a trust-based way, and how they have worked through challenging moments when trust breaks down. Participants can expect to obtain greater clarity on why and how to build trust, and strategies for developing mutually agreed upon expectations for a trust-based funder-grantee relationship. 

There will also be a dedicated space for small-group peer dialogue with other MPN members about ways to implement these practices into your grantmaking.


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Who should attend: Anyone in a grantmaking role that is curious about understanding the nuances of trust-based philanthropy and how it applies to your work. This series will be ideal for those who have some baseline familiarity with trust-based philanthropy and have questions about how it manifests in practice. 

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This program is held in partnership with the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project, a five-year initiative (2020-2024) that provides funders and grantmaking practitioners with the tools, frameworks, and community spaces to deepen their work of creating a more equitable and impactful philanthropic sector.


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