Introducing the Prenatal to Five Impact Collaborative

Introducing the Prenatal to Five Impact Collaborative

Tuesday, August 04, 2020, 12:00 - 1:30 PM

What will it take for all children in Maryland to be healthy, safe, happy, and nurtured? What does it look like for families and communities to have the resources to be their children’s first and best teachers? These questions cannot be answered in silos and the solutions require all of us. Beyond the moral duty to protect children, investing in prenatal to five space lies at the nexus of strong attachments between young children and their caretakers, a skilled workforce, healthy environments, strong and creative communities, high-quality education and childcare sectors, and policies grounded in a social determinants of health framework. Given that 85% of a person’s brain development happens in a child’s first three years, making investments in these youngest children can have the most profound and longest term impacts.

Maryland Philanthropy Network is pleased to announce the formation of the Prenatal to Five Impact Collaborative (PN-5 Impact Collaborative). This group is for funders interested in learning together about the needs of pregnant women and families with children up to age 5 and how to best support them.

This meeting will be the first of the PN-5 Impact Collaborative. It will focus on introductions, seek to gauge the current landscape of giving around pre-natal to five through member sharing, and identify what aspect of prenatal to five members want to learn more about. All interested funders are encouraged to join with your unique lens as your participation will help shape the group moving forward!

This event is for members of Maryland Philanthropy Network and invited guests.