Focus on Student Mental Health and Well-being

Focus on Student Mental Health and Well-being

Wednesday, November 10, 2021, 10:00 - 11:30 AM

Join Maryland Philanthropy Network for a conversation at the nexus of education and health. Together, we will explore how schools are responding to children in mental health crisis, how those students are being supported, what this looks like in practice, and ways the philanthropic community can be supportive. Speakers will include:

  • Dr. April Rectanus, EdD, MA, LCPC, Care Clinic Director and Clinical Assistant Professor at University of Maryland Baltimore
  • Mr. Ryan Voegtlin, Director of Student Services, Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

Program objectives are as follows:

  • To understand what is happening with students regarding mental health needs and services as they return to school in the fall. What trauma will they bring with them? What resources will be on hand to address the issues?
  • To understand state and local perspectives around how school systems will utilize American Rescue Plan dollars specifically as it relates to intentionality around student mental health.
  • To understand best practices and interventions including trauma-informed care.
  • To learn where the opportunities are for the philanthropic community to be supportive.

This program is for Maryland Philanthropy Network members and invited guests only.



April Rectanus, EdD, MA, LCPC has a Doctorate of Education with a specialization in Counseling from Johns Hopkins University. She also has her master’s degree in clinical psychology. Dr. Rectanus is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) and an approved supervisor through Maryland’s Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists. Since entering the field in 2000, Dr. Rectanus has provided individual group, and family therapy for children and adults as well as training and supervision for therapists. Her expertise is in trauma and managing emotional and behavioral issues (i.e. anxiety, depression, ADHD, disruptive behaviors). She is certified in TF-CBT and ITR (Instinctual Trauma Response) and is trained in ITCT (Integrative Treatment for Complex Trauma), EMDR, and DBT. Currently, Dr. Rectanus a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland Baltimore and is the director of the Care Clinic. The Care Clinic specializes in treating victims of child maltreatment and providing supervision and training to other professional in trauma treatment. Dr. Rectanus created and coordinates a training program for interns/externs on evidenced-based trauma treatment. 

Ryan Voegtlin lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife and two daughters. He completed his master’s degree in school counseling at Johns Hopkins University in 2001. He has worked in public education in Maryland for the past twenty years as an elementary school counselor, a pupil personnel worker, a middle school assistant principal, an elementary school principal, and his current position as the Director of Student Services for Anne Arundel County Public Schools. In this position, he oversees school counselors, school psychologists, school social workers, and pupil personnel workers. As the Director of Student Services, Ryan believes that the role of school-based mental health staff is to help students overcome barriers to learning to give them the opportunity for academic success. He subscribes to the idea that this can only be done through collaboration, open communication, and outside-of-the-box thinking.