Maryland Philanthropy Network's Kirwan Legislation Letter of Support

Maryland Philanthropy Network's Kirwan Legislation Letter of Support

HB1300/SB1000: Blueprint for Maryland's Future – Implementation

House Committees: Appropriations, and Ways and Means

Senate Committees: Budget and Tax and Education, and Health and Environmental Affairs

Position: Support

Maryland Philanthropy Network (MPN) is a statewide membership association representing more than 130 private and community foundations, intermediaries, corporations, donor advised funds, and public charities that together steward more than $9 billion in charitable assets. Our mission is to maximize the impact of giving on community life by promoting alignment and action in our growing network of diverse, informed and effective philanthropists. MPN supports HB1300/SB1000 because it works to transform Maryland’s education system to allow all students the opportunity to thrive across their lifetimes.

While our state’s best schools demonstrate what is possible when we invest in learning, Maryland’s current education system does not grant all children the same opportunities. From early childhood initiatives to college and career readiness programs, our members seek to support essential services that advance education outcomes from cradle to career. By demanding investments in early childhood education, high-quality teachers and leaders, college and career readiness pathways, well-rounded resources for students, and governance and accountability, HB1300/SB1000 allows our network to leverage resources and expand the impact of philanthropic resources to support all Maryland’s children. The philanthropic community needs Maryland’s government to lead and, as the wealthiest state in the nation, the state of Maryland has an obligation to support this public good.

Strengthening our education system and investing in our children’s future is essential to building a thriving state with a prosperous economy. Our membership carries deep institutional knowledge and understands education to be a critical social determinant of health – a social factor that shapes health and economic outcomes. Truly moving the needle in any issue area—workforce, environment, health, and aging—is inextricably linked to the quality of, and access to, education. That said, the quality of Maryland’s education system is steeped in racial inequities, which subsequently creates racial inequities in economic mobility1 . HB1300/SB1000 provides a framework our state can use to fundamentally transform our education system and begin to right the wrongs of disinvestment.

The footprint of our state-wide network covers urban, rural, and suburban jurisdictions. From Somerset County, to Baltimore City, and to Garrett County, our members recognize the importance of addressing poverty and advancing racial equity to fully serve our communities. Our network members are constantly challenged to reconcile with a legacy of racist policies and the many implications those policies have on their work. HB1300/SB1000 pushes everyone to do the same and supports the belief that every child deserves access to a world-class education and opportunity regardless of race, poverty, language, and ability.

Maryland Philanthropy Network strongly urges the passing of this legislation. Thank you for your consideration.


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