Grant Makers Can Advance Equity by Revealing ‘Invisible’ Communities

Grant Makers Can Advance Equity by Revealing ‘Invisible’ Communities

Even the best-intentioned philanthropies can’t support what they don’t see.

Every day across our nation, altruistic people and organizations give money and other resources to nonprofits with the aim of reducing inequity. Too often, though, their largess stays on the beaten path, missing opportunities to help in “blind spots” that lack not just resources but visibility.

Many communities can’t make themselves seen by grant makers because, despite great need, they are unlikely to apply for funding. Leaders in these places know their needs well, but they don’t have the resources to bring them to the attention of foundations. It takes time and energy to build relationships with foundation decision makers, to learn the language of philanthropy, and to catalog and communicate needs in ways that resonate with potential grant makers.

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Source: The Chronicle of Philanthropy


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