France-Merrick Foundation 2022 Annual Report

France-Merrick Foundation 2022 Annual Report

The France-Merrick Foundation's annual grantee listing varies significantly from year to year and yet each cohort speaks to the collection of issues the foundation cares about and represents the type of organizations and projects it seeks to support. As the foundation continues to aim to be a reflective organization, its team took extra time this year to look back at patterns in our FY22 grantmaking and lessons learned from grantees. Together they identified a few of these takeaways to highlight in this year’s report. The team hopes these insights offer grantees, partners and peer funders food for thought as we work together to create an equitable, vibrant and sustainable Baltimore community where people and places thrive. Their 2022 Annual Report summarizes their activities and invites readers to find out more about their funding approaches and grantees.

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Source: France-Merrick Foundation


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