United Way is here to help people with financial difficulties because of coronavirus

United Way is here to help people with financial difficulties because of coronavirus

In central Maryland and across the state and country, the number of COVID-19-infected citizens continues to rise. The measures mandated by state officials continue to become more stringent. And the situations we all find ourselves in, more precarious.

The way we are living now — in what feels like survival mode, with limited access to resources and uncertainty about the future, has been a way of life for an increasing number of our residents who live paycheck to paycheck or worse, and struggle just to make ends meet. As businesses continue to shut down, and people begin to lose jobs that are essential to their survival and our economy, the call to help those already living just one emergency or unexpected expense away from despair and financial crisis becomes even greater. For people in these jobs, working from home is not an option. They are often hourly or tip-based workers who rarely receive health insurance or paid sick days.

These individuals and families face life-altering challenges as we see businesses and schools closed. They are unable to pay all their bills despite their best efforts, which often include working multiple minimum wage jobs. Even a few lost hours in their paycheck can mean making hard choices between things like bills or medicine, food or gas. Imagine what a few lost weeks or more would mean to them.

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Source: The Baltimore Sun, contributed by Franklyn Baker, president and CEO United Way of Central Maryland


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