Workforce Community Conversation #1: Grantees and Funders

Workforce Community Conversation #1: Grantees and Funders

Thursday, October 12, 2023, 3:00 - 5:00 PM

This program is at capacity and is no longer accepting registrations. Please add your name to the waitlist and we will contact you if space opens up.


This first BWFC Community Conversation event will create a space of honest conversation between funders and workforce development organizations to advance a shared sense of mutual understanding, accountability, and possibility.  This is the first is a series of workforce community conversations. 

Topic: The context in which workforce development is taking place in Baltimore is not the same as it was before the Pandemic. The public health crisis that began in 2019 caused significant shifts in the labor market including changes in the demand for workers, the composition of “in-demand” occupations, the types of skills required for advancement, and the expectations of incumbent workers and career-seekers. Many workplaces are operating differently regarding remote work, flexibility, and the adoption of technology. Even after the height of the Pandemic, non-profit organizations have struggled to manage staff turnover and to continue to meet outcomes measures established in the pre-pandemic world. Meanwhile, philanthropic organizations are reconsidering their priorities and operational norms. All of these changes merit a conversation about whether we are modifying workforce development services, strategies, and expected outcomes to match the moment. This, the first in a series of Community Conversations between Baltimore’s funder and grantee communities, will explore the realities of workforce development in Baltimore. 

Who is organizing this? These Community Conversations are convened by the Baltimore Workforce Funders Collaborative (BWFC), an initiative of Maryland Philanthropy Network. They are designed and guided by a non-profit led, multi-stakeholder sub-committee that has met throughout 2023. Committee Chair: Demetrius Goodwin, NPower. Funding to support this event has been provided by Hoffberger Philanthropies.

Participation – This first program would be a discussion among workforce providers and public & philanthropic funders only. Future events may include other groups of stakeholders.

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