Older Persons’ Access to Justice

Older Persons’ Access to Justice

Friday, November 03, 2023, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

“Access to justice is a core element of the rule of law. Achieving effective access to justice such that older persons can realize the full benefits of the human and civil rights to which they are entitled on a nondiscriminatory basis requires that the justice system enable older persons to enforce their rights and obtain effective remedies and that older persons be treated equally before the courts and tribunals and afforded equal protection under the law without discrimination.  It is also essential that States ensure that those working in the justice system are provided with awareness-raising and training programs addressing the needs of older persons and establish effective and robust monitoring mechanisms of the actions taken to promote access to justice for older persons.” A. Gutterman, PhD, JD, DBA, MBA, CPG, Older Persons' Access to Justice (Oakland CA: Older Persons' Rights Project, 2022)

Please join Maryland Philanthropy Network’s Aging Innovations Group to explore the tools and resources available in Maryland’s justice system for older persons to have access to legal assistance and information and the disparate impact of access to the justice system and legal outcome for Black older adults. 

Our speakers will be:

  • Dari Pogach, Esq., Senior Consultant with Health Management Associates, and
  • Margaret Henn, Esq., Deputy Director of Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Services

Attendees will learn about the decision-making supports that maximize an older adult’s autonomy and independence, prevent unnecessary guardianship, and facilitate the effective role of older persons as direct or indirect participants in legal proceedings.

There will be break out groups to discuss case studies and the complications and liabilities serving clients with diminished capacity. Networking opportunity, refreshments and light lunch will be served after the program.

This is a hybrid meeting for Maryland Philanthropy Network’s Aging Innovations members and invited guests.

*NEW LOCATION* Please see the side panel for updated location details.


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