The Increasing Crisis of Aging Homelessness

The Increasing Crisis of Aging Homelessness

Tuesday, February 02, 2021, 3:30 - 5:00 PM

The aged homeless population is growing rapidly and will continue to grow for the next decade. This prediction stems from unemployed and underemployed young adults who became the face of homelessness in the mid-1980s. This cohort effect has persisted for 30 years. Now, that generation is prematurely aging and dying. Older homeless adults have medical ages that far exceed their biological ages. Research shows these vulnerable older adults experience geriatric medical conditions such as cognitive decline and decreased mobility at rates that are on par with those among their housed counterparts who are 20 years older (Brown et al., 2017; Brown, Kiely, Bharel, & Mitchell, 2012).

Please join us at Maryland Philanthropy Network’s upcoming Baltimore Seniors & Housing Collaborative meeting, The Increasing Crisis of Aging Homelessness.  We have invited:

  • Jillian Fox, Corporation for Supportive Housing
  • Ben HymanNed Howe, and Matthew Engel, Enterprise Community Development
  • Phil Bonnie, Van De Vyver Apartment Community
  • Katie Yorick, Baltimore City Mayor’s Office of Homeless Services

They will be sharing their expertise on forecasts of the aged homeless population; projected costs associated with the use of shelter, health care, and long-term care by this aged homeless population; proposed housing and service intervention models matched to the varying level of housing and services needs of these subgroups; and potential service cost reductions associated with housing interventions.

This event is for members of Maryland Philanthropy Network and the Seniors and Housing Collaborative. Please contact Liz Bricoe with questions or more information.