The Future of Police Reform in Baltimore City

The Future of Police Reform in Baltimore City

Tuesday, January 17, 2017, 12:00 - 1:30 PM

Please join us and community based organization leaders for a panel discussion focused on the future of police reform in Baltimore City. Since the August release of the Department of Justice (DOJ) Report on the Baltimore City Police Department, Baltimore has subsequently entered negotiations with the federal government in pursuit of a consent decree that will mandate changes within our local policing system. This panel discussion is an opportunity to learn more about the main findings of the DOJ Report, gain perspective from community based organizations who engage directly with communities and reform efforts in Baltimore, and learn how philanthropy can play a supportive role to ensure that reform efforts progress and include communities in the process.

Police reform is an issue that intersects with nearly every focus issue of our philanthropic community. This is one in a series of programs that will engage community and justice professionals in deepening funder understanding of the reform processes underway, the barriers to reform and the potential impacts on the issues and investment areas that are the focus of our funding community.

This panel will be facilitated by Tara Huffman of Open Society Institute Baltimore and will feature:

  • Lawrence Grandpre of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle;
  • Elizabeth Alex of CASA; and
  • Ray Kelly of the No Boundaries Coalition of Central West Baltimore.

This program is for Maryland Philanthropy Network members and invited guests only. Lunch will be served.

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