Arts and Culture Funders Conversation with Arts Intermediaries

Arts and Culture Funders Conversation with Arts Intermediaries

Wednesday, May 20, 2020, 2:00 - 3:00 PM

Through our recent conversations about arts and cultural organizations, it has become clear that intermediaries will play an important role as we move forward from the COVID-19 and related economic crises. The support that intermediaries provide to individual artists and organizations, though hard to quantify, will be necessary to reconstruct a sustainable arts ecosystem in Maryland.

During this conversation, we’ll learn:

  • what arts intermediaries are hearing from their constituents;
  • what capacity arts intermediaries need to meet the demands and needs of the people they serve; and
  • how arts intermediaries are prioritizing the work.

We will allow time for funders to share current priorities and considerations as well as ideas for collaboration.

Our speakers will be:

  • Nicholas Cohen, Maryland Citizens for the Arts;
  • Adam Holofcener, Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts;
  • Jeannie Howe, Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance;
  • Mia Loving, Invisible Majority; and 

  • Maggie Villegas, Baltimore Creatives Accelerator Network (BCAN)


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