COVID - 19 Outbreak

COVID - 19 Outbreak

Communities around the globe are currently responding to an outbreak of respiratory disease, known commonly as "COVID -19", which is caused by the virus “SARS-CoV-2”.  The virus has now been detected in more than 100 locations internationally, including in the United States.

As we do during times of disaster, Maryland Philanthropy Network will serve as a clearinghouse for resources and information about relief and recovery efforts to aid Maryland's philanthropies response. This page will be updated as new information is received, so please check it regularly. Please read our Statement about COVID-19.

Philanthropic Responses: Resources and Information

Funding Options

  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Emergency Response Fund to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19): CDC is taking aggressive public health measures to help protect the health of Americans against coronavirus, COVID-2019, and we need your help to mobilize quickly.  Funds raised by the CDC Foundation through our Emergency Response Fund will be used to meet emerging needs identified by CDC to help respond to the public health threat posed by this virus. These include additional support for state and local health departments, support for global response, logistics, communications, data management, personal protective equipment, critical response supplies and more.
  • Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) has a COVID-19 Response Fund that provides an opportunity for donors to meet the ongoing and ever-expanding challenges presented by this virus.
  • Give2Asia is partnering with leading Chinese nonprofit organizations to support frontline health workers and hospitals responding to the coronavirus crisis.
  • Direct philanthropic support to community foundations.
  • Convert grants to organizations serving affected communities to general operating grants and lift pre-existing time and reporting constraints.

Please let us know how you are engaged in relief efforts. Grant amounts, assisted organizations, and any other relief work that your organization undertakes will serve as valuable resources as your grantmaking colleagues craft response strategies.

Other Information Sources

Best Practices in Disaster Grantmaking

A joint study of the European Foundation Centre and the Council on Foundations determined that grantmakers can be more effective and strategic in addressing disasters by following eight principles of good disaster management.

  1. Do no harm.
  2. Stop, look and listen before taking action.
  3. Don't act in isolation.
  4. Think beyond the immediate crisis to the long term.
  5. Bear in mind the expertise of local organizations.
  6. Find out how prospective grantees operate.
  7. Be accountable to those you are trying to help.
  8. Communicate your work widely and use it as an educational tool.

A number of practical suggestions for good disaster grantmaking flow from these principles and are highlighted in "Disaster Grantmaking: A Practical Guide for Foundations and Corporations".

Click here for more resources about disaster grantmaking.


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