Weinberg Foundation donates $850K to wildfire-ravaged Hawaii

Weinberg Foundation donates $850K to wildfire-ravaged Hawaii

As wildfires blaze in Hawaii, taking lives and displacing people from their homes, a Baltimore charity with strong ties to the state is worried about its workers there and bracing for damage to real estate it owns. The Hawaii office of The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation — a private charity committed to helping people living in poverty — was not damaged by the fires, but donated $850,000 in grants to three organizations across the islands that will help those who have been affected, according to Arin Gencer, the foundation’s senior communications director.

“Our colleagues and, really, our family, they’re in Hawaii,” Gencer said. “Several of them do have family members and other loved ones who have been affected by the fires.” Though the foundation’s main office is in Owings Mills, it holds commercial and tenant properties across Hawaii because of the founders’ connections to Honolulu: The city was “a place that was home to Harry Weinberg and his wife Jeanette for many, many years,” Gencer said.

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Source: The Baltimore Banner


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