Viewpoint: Why impact investing can make a difference

Viewpoint: Why impact investing can make a difference

Baltimore is a city of opportunity. And opportunity requires investment.

Impact investing, which generates positive social returns alongside financial returns, is proving a valuable tool for spurring inclusive economic growth and advancing equity in Baltimore communities. By providing patient capital for visionary projects, foundations, philanthropic asset managers and socially minded individuals and corporations can help pave the way for other investors seeking market-rate returns.

Impact investments can take the form of low-interest loans, venture capital, or municipal bond investments, for example, all with the goal of addressing critical social needs. It’s a way to create and nurture new opportunities, as well as to broaden access to them.

The Baltimore Community Foundation (BCF) brings together residents, businesses and community groups who are passionate about Baltimore, purposeful in their philanthropy, and tenacious about progress.

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Source: Baltimore Business Journal