Transformational Capacity Building

Transformational Capacity Building

Grassroots organizations in communities of color are creating and implementing solutions to the most pressing issues that disproportionately affect their communities. From incarceration to gentrification, racial profiling to the climate crisis, nonprofits led by and for people of color consistently respond to these systemic inequities in sophisticated and effective ways that are rooted in their lived experiences and community networks.

Yet, despite this work, nonprofits of color continue to be underresourced and often struggle to survive. This struggle is more often than not interpreted as an individual failing of one nonprofit or leader, and attributes failure to the lack of skilled management or an inability to compete for grants. A broader look at the nonprofit sector, however, shows that the failure to support nonprofits of color is part of this chronic and systemic disparity—one that undermines the positive social change that nonprofits of color can create in the United States.

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Source: The Stanford Social Innovation Review


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