Szymanski: Evolution of Community Foundation shows the ‘magic of Carroll County’

Szymanski: Evolution of Community Foundation shows the ‘magic of Carroll County’

Carroll County is a community on fire — a fire of love and concern and giving, lots of giving. It nearly makes me cry whenever I stop to think about the depth of what goes on this little county, yet so many have no idea. There is an undercurrent that warms the soul. I was recently reminded of how blessed we are to live here.

I never knew about the networking breakfast that Taneytown holds monthly at Thunderhead Bowling, until Amy Gilford at the Marriage and Relationship Education Center asked me if I would like to go to it. So last Friday, there I was, at 7:30 a.m., walking into the bowling alley. I was immediately greeted by Nancy McCormick, Taneytown’s Economic Development director, and in the moments leading up to the speaker, I met a slew of community leaders I did not previously know.

The speaker for this breakfast was Audrey Cimino, director of the Community Foundation of Carroll County, but instead of speaking, she brought in others — just a few from the 323 individual causes sheltered under the Community Foundation umbrella. I was touched by stories from Catherine’s Cause, Ellsworth Cemetery, PADD (Positive Alternatives to Dangerous and Destructive Decisions), Friends of Disabled Veterans in Carroll County, and the Pregnancy Support Center of Carroll County. But it was Audrey herself, who got me thinking about the volume of impact that is housed inside the Carroll Nonprofit Center. Her few comments about its founding made me curious, so I made a point of talking to her about it this week.

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Source: Carroll County Times


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