Support YouthWorks, Win Ravens Tickets

Support YouthWorks, Win Ravens Tickets

There may be snow on the ground, but Baltimore City’s YouthWorks summer jobs program is getting ready for the summer.

YouthWorks provides Baltimore City youth and young adults, ages 14-21, the opportunity to develop the essential work skills that today’s employers require. And, they have a unique way that all of us can support this great effort — and win the possibility of seeing our Ravens beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2011.

YouthWorks’ premise is that everyone wins when our young people are employed during the summer. Youth and families win because Baltimore City’s youth and young adults learn valuable workplace skills and earn money to help purchase school supplies and other necessities. Employers win because they add productive employees to help complete tasks that further their organizations’ missions and gain access to trainable entry-level workers.

From small businesses and nonprofits to large corporations, YouthWorks employers contribute to the growth of Baltimore’s innovation economy by teaching the next generation of workers what it takes to be successful in the 21st century workplace. And communities win because when YouthWorks teens are engaged in productive summer jobs, they are focused on positive behaviors that keep our neighborhoods safer.

"A summer job is one of the best ways to introduce young people to the world of work,” said Karen Sitnick, executive director of YouthWorks. "Authentic, hands-on work experiences help our youth develop familiarity with the workplace, learn how to follow directions, work in a team and complete tasks … all essential tools for building basic work skills. And, earning a paycheck for a job well done reinforces the value of work and promotes our youngsters’ pride in their accomplishments. We hope everyone will join us in supporting YouthWorks 2011 and help us build our future workforce.”

The program will operate from June 27-Aug.t 5. Youth in funded jobs will work 25 hours per week and earn minimum wage. Older youth who are hired in the private sector may work longer and will receive a salary commensurate with their job tasks.

In order to place as many young people in jobs as possible, contributions are necessary to complement funding provided through government resources. How can you help? Payback’s a gift — that’s how.

You can purchase raffle tickets through Feb. 28 to win 10 skybox tickets to the 2011 Ravens-Steelers regular season game at M&T Bank Stadium and support the YouthWorks Summer Jobs Program at the same time. What’s better than watching the Ravens demolish the Steelers from the Mayor’s skybox with nine of your closest friends?

I’ve bought my raffle tickets and hope you will join me in supporting a program in Baltimore that encourages our youth to work and learn work skills for their futures.

To purchase tickets, visit And to learn more about YouthWorks visit


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