Scaling Workforce Development Programming in Baltimore

Scaling Workforce Development Programming in Baltimore

Right now, there is high demand for skilled workers in the Baltimore region. To ensure that more of Baltimore's residents are able to access these quality jobs, it is imperative that the city consider the rapid expansion of high-quality workforce development programs to assist job seekers obtain the skills they need.

In our latest report, Scaling Workforce Development Programming in Baltimore, Linda Dworak of the Baltimore Workforce Funders Collaborative explores opportunities to scale up effective workforce development programming in Baltimore. The report finds an increased investment of $5 million over current funding levels to 16 organizations could rapidly increase the number of residents receiving occupational skills training, supportive services, and job placement by about 1,000 people annually.

The report also offers recommendations on how to achieve that scale without compromising quality and while advancing equity.

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Source: The Abell Foundation