People Powered: Strength-Based Indigenous Movements

People Powered: Strength-Based Indigenous Movements

I often hear from individuals in philanthropic institutions that there is an absence of movements and movement-building taking place in Native communities.

In an effort to ground myself in how organizations, philanthropy and others talk about and define “movement-building,” I did some of my own online research. After extensive review (okay, not exactly, but enough to not make me poke my eyes out), I found the following definition from the National Council on Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) that didn’t make me cringe:

Broadly speaking, a movement is an ecosystem of individuals and groups united by a shared analysis of what is wrong with society and a vision for how it can be changed. These mobilized individuals and organizations collaborate using diverse strategies and tactics, which, when successful, ultimately lead to changes in societal attitudes, practice and policy.

So, does this apply—or rather, resonate—in Indian Country? Sort of.

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Source: Nonprofit Quarterly