A message to members on the crisis in Israel and Palestine

A message to members on the crisis in Israel and Palestine

Dear Members,

Many of us woke up Monday to learn hostages Nurit Yitzhak, who also goes by the name Nurit Cooper, and peace activist, Yocheved Lipschitz, were released by Hamas. We are relieved to hear this news and remain hopeful for the safe release of all hostages and an end to the violence in Israel and Palestine.
Maryland Philanthropy Network (MPN) is focused on funders in Maryland, and we know we live in an interconnected world where our network reaches out across the globe supporting communities near and far. We have members who are grieving, who are leading and/or supporting relief efforts, and others who aren’t sure how to engage yet. For times like these, we want to take a moment to share how MPN can help you navigate this current crisis.
To those who are grieving for those killed, injured, and still missing, our team continues to hold you close in our thoughts. We are heartbroken by this violence and our community is here for you. Our community is full of love and unwavering hope which are key to overcoming such violence and oppression.
As Andrés Spokoiny, president and CEO of the Jewish Funders Network, said in a recent op-ed in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, “Human connection, caring, compassion, and kindness are apolitical. Ultimately, we must all continue strengthening what’s best in humanity, even in days like these, when our task seems Sisyphean.”
We believe speaking out against terror and working towards peace is vital for humanity at large and specifically to achieve our mission of an equitable and just Maryland. We want to be clear; our world has no place for antisemitism, hatred, or violence. And yet, according to the Anti-Defamation League, “Maryland registered with the 10th highest number of antisemitic incidents reported in the country for 2022”.
We ask members to join us and many of your colleagues in denouncing all forms of antisemitism and bias. Remain steadfast in your commitments to equity, justice, and inclusion. Rachel Garbow Monroe, president and CEO of The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, recently issued a call to action in an op-ed in the Baltimore Banner saying, “We all have a voice. Now is the time to use our voices to stand collectively against evil.” Our voices are indeed powerful. Let’s use them.
We also want to uplift the work of several members and colleague organizations who are proximate to this crisis. We are grateful for your generous leadership and guidance on how to support impacted communities. We encourage members to review these resources for yourself.

  • The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore launched an emergency fund to support and aid allies on the ground in Israel including their partners in Ashkelon who have been gravely impacted.
  • The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation issued a statement about ways their supporting their grantees and other impacted communities.
  • New MPN member, the Mizrahi Family Charitable Fund shared a toolkit for navigating the Hamas attacks and supporting Jewish employees.
  • Center for Disaster Philanthropy created a Palestinian-Israeli Humanitarian Crisis disaster profile, outlining critical needs, where to help, and resources. 
  • Jewish Funders Network offers resources on how to help with the humanitarian crisis.
  • Inside Philanthropy recently released a non-comprehensive run-down of the funders and charitable efforts that have announced their intentions so far.

Let us move in solidarity. Let us strive towards equity and justice. Let us act in our individual spheres of influence to have collective impact. Let MPN support you to engage in courageous philanthropy.

In partnership,

Danista E. Hunte


David Daniels

President and CEO


Chair, Board of Directors