Managing Up: A primer for grants management professionals

Managing Up: A primer for grants management professionals

For the uninitiated, “managing up” is a relatively new concept that takes traditional management structures and principles and turns them upside down. Simply put, managing up is defined as actively and methodically developing a good working relationship with “the bosses” in your organization to obtain the best possible results for all involved. Those who successfully manage up report increased job satisfaction, improved performance and fast-tracked career advancement. Successful managing up can also accelerate organizational change.

For grantmaking professionals on the frontlines of foundation work, managing up is an essential skill. As the foundation staff with the most specialized knowledge, experience, and skills needed to improve grantmaking strategy and practice, your ability to effectively communicate and influence change is key to advancing your own career and deepening your organization’s impact through practice change – a win-win!

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Source: Peak Grantmaking


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