Labyrinth Road Rebuilding Fund

Labyrinth Road Rebuilding Fund

On Monday, August 10, 2020, a gas explosion rocked Labyrinth Road in the Fallstaff neighborhood, leveling three homes and damaging approximately 20 others. Two people were tragically killed, seven others were seriously wounded and countless people continue to experience the shock and grief associated with the loss and damages. This quiet neighborhood is in the service area of CHAI, an agency of The Associated. Given CHAI’s mission of community development, housing and strengthening neighborhoods, CHAI professionals are working with Baltimore City officials on the needs of those affected. As needs continue to be assessed, CHAI is poised to help, bringing its expertise and experience in home repair and community support to neighbors whose homes were damaged by the blast.

The Associated is working directly with CHAI by establishing an emergency fund to support the rebuilding efforts. 100% of all funds will be directly used by CHAI to offer home repair, supplies and services to those in need of support, neighborhood clean-up and other community needs as determined. The restoring of the street and homes will take time and together, we can support this wonderful neighborhood as it recovers from a tragic accident.

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