Historic land preservation foundation works to keep history alive

Historic land preservation foundation works to keep history alive

The “Save Historic Antietam Foundation” in Washington County created an agency fund to help preserve historic sites. With a mission to preserve sites that are related to the Civil War, the Save Historic Antietam Foundation, known as SHAF wants to ensure that history is never forgotten. “Every acre we buy has been watered with the blood of an American soldier,” Tom Clemens said, the president of SHAF.

The president of the foundation says there are many important factors like physical places to teach future generations. “We are aware of economic importance to historic preservation as well. Heritage tourism is a big part of Washington County’s economy and as the saying goes, if there is no there, there, people don’t come to see it,” Clemens said. In partnership with the Community Foundation of Washington County, SHAF will be able to provide unrestricted financial support for current and future initiatives. By collaborating with the Civil War Preservation Trust, now known as American Battlefield Trust they have worked on multiple preservation projects.

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