Goldseker Foundation 2019 Annual Report

Goldseker Foundation 2019 Annual Report

Although the focus of the Goldseker Foundation’s grantmaking has evolved over time, we have always sought to honor Mr. Goldseker’s wish that the foundation serve the Baltimore community by investing in its institutions and people. While we stay true to our founder’s intent, a foundation established to operate in perpetuity must always adapt to meet the challenges of the times. Today, the Goldseker Foundation works in partnership with the city’s civic leadership, a well-established nonprofit sector, and a growing community of social entrepreneurs to serve the Baltimore community, primarily through grantmaking in the areas of community development, education, and nonprofit capacity building but also, increasingly, through mission- and program-related investments. At the end of 2019, the foundation held assets of $118.7 million.

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Source: The Goldseker Foundation


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