Frederick County Gives: Scholarship impact, big results

Frederick County Gives: Scholarship impact, big results

Each year, the Community Foundation [of Frederick County] presents hundreds of postsecondary scholarships to deserving students who are working toward degrees or certifications and training that will provide the skills necessary to be productive, successful adults.

Inside the office, the staff refers to this time of year as “scholarship season” as they manage the complex application process, work with donors, and nearly 100 volunteers who serve on the scholarship committee to review and make the award decisions.

We’ve just completed the scholarship season for the 2019-2020 academic year, and we’re pleased to announce that 314 students have received one or more scholarships to help them with tuition and related school expenses.

The Community Foundation is one of the largest providers of scholarships in the area. Over our 32-year history, millions of dollars have supported Frederick County students. It’s fun to watch these students progress through their college years. We’ve seen students become doctors, nurses, and enter many areas of health care. We’ve helped create engineers, veterinarians, scientists, elementary, middle, and high school teachers, social workers, agri-business and farming specialists, accountants, psychologists, professional musicians and artists, and more.

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Source: Frederick News Post


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