Frederick County Gives: Remembering mom forever

Frederick County Gives: Remembering mom forever

We celebrated Mother’s Day on Sunday. Millions of people bought cards, flowers, candy and other symbols of love to show their appreciation for their mom, mother-in-law, grandmother, godmother and anyone who has filled the role of “mom” at various times.

The Community Foundation celebrates Mother’s Day, too. We work with donors looking for ways to honor their mothers and we have helped many families create funds that recognize their mother’s profession, interests, causes, or simply the love they received from her.

Scholarship funds and funds that help children in Frederick County are often created, and it’s important to know that while many funds have similarities, every fund created is unique to the person or family or cause it represents.

Click here for the full Editor's Pick letter from Elisabeth Day, President and CEO of the Community Maryland Philanthropy Network of Frederick County.

Source: The Frederick News-Post


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