Frederick County Gives: Focusing on 'forever'

Frederick County Gives: Focusing on 'forever'

The Community Foundation has long been a conduit for hope and change in Frederick County. Since 1986 — when the bold idea of creating a local community foundation was implemented — we have focused on turning good intentions into powerful acts of philanthropy. Each year, the dollar amount of grants and scholarships has grown, and this investment into improving Frederick County and its residents exceeds $58 million.

Frederick County’s needs are much different now than in 1986. As one of Maryland’s fastest-growing counties, we have and will continue to undergo important demographic and social changes, spurred by our role as a commuter suburb to metropolitan areas.

The Community Foundation is committed to remaining a progressive influence for positive change. This means constantly seeking new and powerful ways to create impact by examining what we’ve been doing and then planning for the future. Our board of trustees has determined we need to be nimble and flexible, and most importantly, proactive in responding to the needs of our community.

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Source: Frederick News-Post