Facing Reality But Finding Hope

Facing Reality But Finding Hope

Like so many of you, I am still processing the horrifying and deadly January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, while also looking ahead with concern to the week when our country inaugurates a new president and vice president. But in this in-between space, I have taken time to consider what it means. While the Bainum Family Foundation has joined with other funders in a statement condemning these actions, we also felt it was necessary to share some reflections independent of that.

The recent attack produced a frequent outcry: “This is not who we are.” I disagree. The reality is that the violent and unlawful actions of the angry mob in Washington, D.C., illuminate exactly who we are and reinforce what we already know: Our country has a white-supremacy problem. One that is deep and unrelenting and goes back to the very founding of our nation.

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Source: Bainum Family Foundation


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