Even Small Foundations Can Have a Big Impact

Even Small Foundations Can Have a Big Impact

In philanthropy, it’s often assumed that the more money you spend, the bigger the impact you can have. 

While large amounts of money can make a difference, it’s not the only way that philanthropists can have an impact. In fact, even small funders can have a big impact by acting strategically and funding in ways that they might not otherwise consider—ways that leverage the money they give so that it impacts an entire issue area.

Most small funders concentrate on making gifts to organizations that are doing good work. More sophisticated funders might even do that in the form of providing general operating grants so that the organizations they fund can spend the money the way they think is best. These types of grants are important, but there are other ways, some of them unorthodox, that small (as well as medium and large) funders can use their money that will have an outsize impact on the issue area they are focused on.

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Source: The Stanford Social Innovation Review


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