Dear Business Community: What has changed since Freddie Gray?

Dear Business Community: What has changed since Freddie Gray?

What will the business community do this time?

As I continue to think about how it will respond to the killing of George Floyd, I can’t help but flash back five years to the commitments after the death of Freddie Gray. There were statements supporting change, one-time increases in philanthropic grants and efforts to expand corporate volunteerism. 

All of these responses are fine, but let’s fast forward and see where we are. The black community continues to have inferior or no health care. Job training for living wage jobs has not been scaled. Public transportation keeps people captive within their neighborhoods. And education continues to fail thousands of Baltimore students.

Now we have a national tragedy of a black man murdered by four policemen and being witnessed by millions of people around the world. And the business community is once again putting out timely but expected statements and offering grants to a host of organizations. All good but not enough.

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Source: Baltimore Business Journal, written by MPN member Sheldon Caplis, Caplis Family Fund


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