Chesapeake Charities honors those who serve veterans

Chesapeake Charities honors those who serve veterans

“We make charity happen”, is the slogan of Chesapeake Charities, and this year they hosted their sixth annual Celebration of Service honoring those who serve veterans.

On Nov. 9, as guests arrived at the Chesapeake Beach Club, a prominent line of large American flags were posted, waving in the breeze to greet especially the veterans and those who serve them. Also, through the efforts of Kent Island Cruisers, members, Dr. Paul Placek and Mike Francis, there were a number of distinguished antique cars in the parking lot, with Placek and others waving American flags. Inside, event Chesapeake Charities Board Chair Audrey Scott welcomed a full-house of guests for the occasion. Scott wasted no time, after a prayer was offered to begin the program, a wonderful luncheon was provided by the Beach Club staff.

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Source: The Kent Island Bay Times and Record Observer


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