Chesapeake Charities delivers 'human touch' to those devastated in Kentucky

Chesapeake Charities delivers 'human touch' to those devastated in Kentucky

Very early Wednesday morning, Dec. 22, staff from Chesapeake Charities, Inc., departed Stevensville, and drove to western Kentucky — an area that was especially devastated by tornadoes the week of December 8. Known as “Operation Christmas Cookie”, Chesapeake Charities posted across social and local news media asking for assistance in providing “a human touch” by bringing as much Christmas cheer as possible to those who were hurt most by the destructive storms.

Chesapeake Charities Executive Director Linda Kohler was among those who went to Kentucky. She said, “We wanted to let the people there know that we care for them, and want to help in whatever ways we can.” Kohler added, “This was not meant to be a one-time mission. We went to make contacts and keep in touch with the people there to have them let us know what we can continue to do to help them in their long-term recovery.”

The message for donations to the Eastern Shore went out just a few days before the trip, and amazingly, the response, according to Kohler, was overwhelming! She said, “With the help of the Kent Island High School Boys Lacrosse team, we completely filled the 48-foot cargo portion of a tractor trailer in about 30-minutes. The help from the team was fantastic!”

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Source: The Kent Island Bay Times and Record Observer


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