A Change Management & Deep Equity Primer: The What, Why, How & Nuance

A Change Management & Deep Equity Primer: The What, Why, How & Nuance

Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO) is pleased to co-release this publication from Sheryl Petty, Ed.D. of Movement Tapestries.

Change is a force that is simultaneously generative, stimulating creativity and innovation, and disruptive, destabilizing or re-ordering existing conditions. Organizations embarking on equity transformation processes often grapple with questions about the work they are engaging in and where they aspire to land as it relates to advancing change. These common questions can present moments of tension or stuckness, for organizations, staff, boards and equity practitioners, whether in identifying the greatest power levers, unaddressed challenges, or navigating fear or misalignment that can impede larger transformation journeys. Through this publication, Sheryl Petty supports systems to unstick and deepen their ability to advance and embody Deep Equity.

This partnership is different from GEO’s historic way of developing publications in hopes to introduce dynamic practice leaders as well as an emerging body of work that promises to improve our effectiveness as grantmakers, change agents, managers, and organizational leaders. Our hope is that this publication and Sheryl Petty’s thought leadership supports you in embracing the power of change to reveal new possibilities in your equity transformation journey.

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Source: Grantmakers for Effective Organizations and Movement Tapestries


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