Baltimore Workforce Funders Collaborative Signs onto National Good Jobs Statement

Baltimore Workforce Funders Collaborative Signs onto National Good Jobs Statement

The evidence is clear—good quality jobs help families, communities, and businesses thrive, and Americans rank job quality as the most important factor of a company’s behavior. And yet, there is no common, broadly shared definition of what makes a job good, which limits action to advance good jobs. 

In October 2022, the Good Jobs Champions Group, convened by the Families and Workers Fund and the Aspen Institute Economic Opportunities Program, released a broadly shared, widely endorsed definition of what constitutes a good job. Signed by over 100 leaders from business, labor, policy, philanthropy, academia, and workforce development including the Baltimore Workforce Funders Collaborative, it represents a historic step forward toward a future in which all work is valued; no one working full-time lives in or near poverty; companies and workers thrive alongside each other; and diverse talent is never overlooked.

The Good Jobs Champions Group definition has three main components: 1) economic stability, including family-sustaining pay; 2) economic mobility, such as through access to training and wealth-building benefits; and 3) equity, respect, and a voice in the workplace. The definition is meant to be a shared north star and a framework that companies, government at all levels, investors, and training and education institutions can use to take action. 

The Good Jobs Champions Group statement and formal definition of a “good job” is just the beginning of a renewed movement toward good jobs for all. The signatories represent leaders working across public and private sectors nationwide who recognize the urgency and potential to advance good jobs. 

You can view the full statement and list of signatories here.

Source: Aspen Insititute