Baltimore Integration Partnership Update - October 2012

Baltimore Integration Partnership Update - October 2012

Maryland Philanthropy Network Announces Appointment of New President
The Maryland Philanthropy Network is pleased to announce the appointment of our new President, Celeste Amato. Celeste comes to Maryland Philanthropy Network with an inspiring leadership background in public service. She has an eighteen year career in City government, most recently in entrepreneurial positions as architect of, and Media and Communications Director for, Baltimore City's Cleaner Greener Initiative and the City's conversion to single stream recycling and One PLUS ONE curbside waste collection. "Philanthropy can make the critical difference in so many issues important to the future of our city, our region, our communities and our individual quality of life" says Celeste. "I look forward to bringing fresh eyes and new energy to an extremely successful organization and will work to firmly establish the philanthropic community as an essential and highly valued partner in local and regional program and policy development, implementation and success." Read More

BIP Teams with Karp Resources to Explore Local Food Procurement Opportunities

The BIP is pleased to announce that Karp Resources will be working with several BIP Anchor Institution partners to explore how to strengthen linkages between their food spending and local food suppliers. Karp Resources' will explore both the supply side of area businesses in this sector but also the workforce opportunities that may result from the increased local business investment. This research initiative builds on the ongoing work BIP stakeholders are taking to explore how to best leverage the hiring, purchasing, and capital investment power of anchor institutions as well as the BIP's recent workforce training investments in food and culinary preparation.

Pathways to Employment in America's Cities

This new report by the National Skills Coalition explores ways that federal policy can better support efforts to integrate physical and human capital investments in America's cities. The work incorporates input from several BIP stakeholders as well as leaders from New Orleans, the Twin Cities, Chicago, and Seattle. The report argues "that federal investments that create jobs and federal investments that prepare people for jobs are not always aligned. Likewise, at the local level, community development and workforce development efforts are often not coordinated. Despite growing interest in making this connection, it has been challenging for local community development and workforce development practitioners to collaborate, even as both know that coordination is essential for improving the skills and employability of low-income individuals and for more efficiently using limited public resources.” Read the Report


Federal Reserve Hosting Forum on Anchor Institutions in Baltimore
The Baltimore Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond is hosting the fourth forum in the series Redefining Capital: Exploring Baltimore's Next Economy on November 8, 2012. A range of national and local panelists and speakers will discuss the linkages between anchor institutions and their surrounding communities as well as opportunities to leverage anchors to help catalyze neighborhood reinvestment. Speakers include Mary Kay Leonard, President and CEO, Initiative for a Competitive Inner City, as well as representatives of several of the BIP's anchor institution partners. 
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Baltimore's Sustainable Communities Initiative Launch Event
Please join regional civic and political stakeholders at the University of Baltimore's Moot Courtroom on Monday, October 29, 3:00 – 7:00 PM for the launch of Baltimore's Sustainable Communities Initiative. The initiative includes efforts to explore regional approaches to workforce and housing which will be incorporated into a regional plan for sustainable development. Guest presenters include Dr. Manuel Pastor and Rha Goddess. Dr. Pastor, Professor of American Studies & Ethnicity at the University of Southern California will speak to us on issues of demographic change, economic inequality, and community empowerment. Rha Goddess is a world renowned performing artist and activist, her work has been featured internationally in several compilations, anthologies, forums and festivals. For more details and event registration.

The goal of the Baltimore Integration Partnership is to reconnect low-income Baltimore City residents who are predominantly African American to the regional economy, maximize the linkage between physical and human capital development, and to reinvest in targeted inner-core neighborhoods so that they become regionally competitive, economically diverse, sustainable communities of choice.

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