ABC Launches More in the Middle

ABC Launches More in the Middle

In spite of gains over the recent decades, inequities in income, employment, educational attainment, housing and business ownership rates persist between African-American and white communities at both the national and local levels.

To address this, Associated Black Charities of Maryland launched "More in the Middle,” an asset- and wealth-building initiative that aims to strengthen the economic competitiveness of the state and region by supporting — through public policy, grant making, project incubation, research, convening and advocacy — the increased access and opportunity needed to achieve more equitable economic outcomes between whites and African-Americans, as well as other people of color.

More in the Middle has an ambitious, data-driven, outcomes-based intervention and investment strategy to address the economic vitality and health parity for all Marylanders by surfacing and working with its partners to eliminate long-standing and institutional barriers to people of color.

ABC recognizes that if the state can retain, grow, and attract "More in the Middle” — more African-American middle-income residents who will help grow the economy of the region and spread their economic gains across the state — then the "economic renaissance” seen in some areas of the state will expand to others, bringing more income, an increased tax base, a broader work force pipeline of leaders and workers, and a more robust economy.

Diane Bell McKoy, president and CEO of Associated Black Charities, said "the More in the Middle agenda is one that offers an on-ramp for everyone in the state of Maryland. It is really simple. If you believe in the development of human capital; if you recognize that areas with ongoing, long-lasting economic weaknesses are bad for growing and sustaining families, businesses and prosperity; and if you understand that strengthening economically distressed ‘linchpin’ groups positively affect and strengthen the families, communities and social and economic structures around them, then you can find an access point to the More in the Middle agenda.”

Associated Black Charities was founded in 1985 to represent and respond to an African-American community whose issues and realities were being dismissed or ignored. Concerned about the limited access, opportunities and "voice” allowed these communities in greater society, a group of area ministers and businessmen came together to call for an organization that would raise and distribute money to organizations targeting needs within Maryland’s African-American communities.

In its 26th year, Associated Black Charities is a respected public foundation. With the investment of its partners, including individual donors, corporations, foundations and other public and private funds, ABC continues its mission to facilitate the creation of measurably healthier and wealthier communities throughout the State of Maryland through responsible leadership and philanthropic investment.

I applaud Associated Black Charities for its dedication to strong, healthy, and economically viable communities by creating opportunities for all Marylanders.

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