6 Steps Foundations Can Take to Advance Racial Equity

6 Steps Foundations Can Take to Advance Racial Equity

In many ways, the election of President Obama in 2008 felt like a hopeful sign of progress in American politics and racial equity.

President Obama’s vision for America was one that focused on all we have in common rather than our differences. And he called on us all to ensure that all young people grew up with an equal opportunity to attain their goals.

In hindsight, it is now apparent that an ugly undercurrent was resurfacing. Those who fueled lies about President Obama (that he was a Muslim or that he was not born in the United States) with the intent of stoking fear and hate have led to broader examples of racism and intolerance in our country. Since President Obama left office, we have seen the acceleration of hate and white supremacy unleashed by a climate of divisiveness.

Throughout the world of philanthropy, we have seen renewed attention to curbing racism and hate. But as two black women who work closely with foundations, we know that far more needs to be done. The momentum must come from the trustees and CEOs of America’s thousands of foundations, large and small, if we expect to succeed in turning the tide away from intolerance and divisiveness and toward inclusivity and respect.

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Source: The Chronicle of Philanthropy