Mission & Values
Laura Gamble, Shanaysha Sauls, Celeste Amato and Lisa Hamilton

Who we are:

We are a statewide membership association representing more than 100 organizations that together steward more than $9 billion in charitable assets. Our mission is to maximize the impact of giving on community life through a growing network of diverse, informed, and effective philanthropists.

We are supported by membership dues, grants and earned income. We act as an organizing backbone and neutral convener bringing funders and partners together to promote alignment and action around issues affecting communities across Maryland. Maryland Philanthropy Network was founded by Baltimore area grantmakers in 1983 to provide a forum in which philanthropic peers could come together to learn and collaborate. 

What we value:

Generosity: We believe generosity is essential to communal welfare and something everyone can practice in some form.

Inclusivity and Respect: We value the perspectives and contributions of all people, and incorporate the viewpoints of diverse communities in our work. We strive to create an open, compassionate and trusting environment that facilitates learning, dialogue and healthy debate to inform and strengthen philanthropy.

Diversity: We are committed to supporting a funding community that encompasses differences in the attributes of both individuals (such as race, ethnicity, age, socio-economic status, gender, ability, sexual orientation, and religion) and organizations (foundations and giving programs of differing sizes, missions, geographic locations, and approaches to grantmaking).

Racial Equity:  We value racial equity as an organizational operating principle and are committed to continued learning on issues related to race, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Forward-Thinking: We seek strategic opportunities and new ways to meet emerging and existing challenges.

Forthright Stewardship: We conduct our business with honesty and integrity and utilize best practices in the stewardship of our resources and accountability for our results.